War eine dramatische Aufführung eines Totengerichts Teil der ägyptischen Totenriten?

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Author: Stadler, Martin Andreas
Editors: Altenmüller, Hartwig
Document types:Artikel in Zeitschrift
Year of publication:2001
Published: Buske, Helmut, Hamburg (2001)
Journal:Studien zur Altägyptischen Kultur (SAK), 29
Subjects: TOTENGERICHT -> Religion im weitesten Sinn
RITUAL -> Religion im weitesten Sinn
DIODOR -> Personennamen (nicht modern)
P.INSINGER -> Papyrus
BUCH VOM ATMEN -> Texte, ägyptisch
P.RHIND -> Papyrus
PTOLEMÄISCHE ZEIT -> Epochenbezeichnungen
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Letzte Aktualisierung:03.05.2002
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Diodorus I 91-93 and his account of Egyptian mortuary religion have tended to be taken as a primary source and have received increasing attention from Egyptologists. This affects the interpretation of Egyptian material, particularly the two papyri Rhind, the Books of Breathing, and also most recently a passage from the Instructions of papyrus Insinger in an emended reading. However, an examination of the Egyptian evidence reveals that this approach to Diodorus does not find support in Egyptian texts. For Egyptological purposes, rather than taking him as equivalent to Egyptian evidence, Diodorus I 91-93 must be treated as secondary literature which presents its information in a demythologizing way.»