Gifts for the Afterlife: Evidence of Mortuary Practices on the Necropolis at Marina El-Alamein

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Author: Zych, Iwona
Document types:Artikel in Zeitschrift
Year of publication:2011
Published:Warsaw (2011)
Reihe:Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean Reports (PAM), 20
Subjects: MARINA EL-ALAMEIN -> Ortsnamen für Orte der Antike
PTOL RÖM ZEIT -> Epochenbezeichnungen
TOTENKULT -> Religion im weitesten Sinn
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The paper considers the evidence for mortuary practices in the form of grave accompaniments and grave offerings recorded during excavations of the Graeco-Roman necropolis at Marina el-Alamein. Grave goods accompanying burials are modest and scarce. On the other hand, the evidence for offerings confirms that leaving symbolic food and liquids, as well as incense-burning at the graveside were a regular part of mortuary practices, both during the funeral and during later memorial rites. The prevalence of cooking-related and banqueting facilities underscore the importance of memorial feasts for the local community.