Three Objects of New Kingdom Date from the Memphite Area and Sidmant

Author: Martin, Geoffrey T.
Further contributors: Baines, John (Editor)
James, T.G.H. (Editor)
Leahy, Anthony (Editor)
Shore, A.F. (Editor)
Document types:Beitrag in Sammelband
Year of publication:1988
Published:London (1988)
Reihe:Egypt Exploration Society Occasional Publications (EESOP), 7
Sammelband:Pyramid Studies and other Essays Presented to I.E.S. Edwards
Subjects: MEMPHIS -> Ortsnamen für Orte der Antike
SEDMENT -> Ortsnamen für Orte der Antike
NEUES REICH - New Kingdom -> Epochenbezeichnungen
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Letzte Aktualisierung:27.07.2012
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