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Remarks on the Development of the Old Kingdom Necropolis

Exploration of the extensive, multi-phase necropolis west of Netjerykhet's funerary complex has brought evidence of three periods of activity, starting with the Old Kingdom, continuing during the New Kingdom and then in the Ptolemaic and Roman periods. The present paper contains some observations on the structure and development of the necropolis during the late Old Kingdom. One of the few securely dated constructions in this necropolis is the tomb of Merefnebef built in the early Sixth Dynasty. It is also one of the earliest tombs here, therefore it may provide a convenient reference point for the relative chronology of the site.

Titel: Remarks on the Development of the Old Kingdom Necropolis
Verfasser: Kuraszkiewicz, Kamil Omar
Herausgeber: Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology
Dokumenttyp: BB
Erscheinungsdatum: 2007
Zeitschrift/Reihe: Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean Reports (PAM) ; Band/Jahrgang: 17 (2005)
Verlag/Hrsg.: Warsaw University Press , Warsaw
Seiten: 169-175
Signatur: Z-PAM
Bearbeitungsstatus: vollständig
Identifier: 978-83-235-0333-0
Datensatznummer: 49362