Banganarti 2004/2005

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Author: Żurawski, Bogdan
Further contributors: Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology (Editor)
Document types:Artikel in Zeitschrift
Year of publication:2007
Published: Warsaw University Press, Warsaw (2007)
Reihe:Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean Reports (PAM), 17 (2005)
Subjects: KOPTISCHE ZEIT -> Epochenbezeichnungen
SIEDLUNG -> Bauten im weitesten Sinn
KIRCHE -> Bauten im weitesten Sinn
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The 2004/ 2005 SDRS season, being the fifth completed so far at the site of Banganarti included the restoration of the Upper Church murals, especially new ones revealed under a thick layer of washed down plaster and mud, which was the chief task of the conservation unit this season. Ceramic studies covered also the stored collection from previous SDRS campaigns. Top on the agenda was a reconstruction of the Lower Church layout (especially the western section), as well as testing and surface clearing of the northern and western sections of the enclosure wall (first surveyed in 2001). The excavations in the Western Building were aimed at reconstructing its complete plan, phasing the building history and reconstructing the function and rationale behind subsequent enlargements. Of importance for the pottery study project were stratigraphic cuts dug along the eastern section of the girdle wall, both inside and outside it. Other tasks included aerial (kite) photography of the site and its immediate surroundings, as well as finehoning the contour plan of the kom and its surroundings, and measurements of the so-called Western Building and both (Upper and Lower) churches.