Marina El-Alamein. Excavation Report, 2005

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Authors: Daszewski, Wiktor Andrzej
Zych, Iwona
Bąkowska, Grażyna
Błaszczyk, Artur
Further contributors: Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology (Editor)
Document types:Artikel in Zeitschrift
Year of publication:2007
Published: Warsaw University Press, Warsaw (2007)
Reihe:Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean Reports (PAM), 17 (2005)
Subjects: MARINA EL-ALAMEIN -> Ortsnamen für Orte der Antike
SIEDLUNG -> Bauten im weitesten Sinn
BASILIKA -> Bauten im weitesten Sinn
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The article reports on the excavations of the Polish archaeological mission in Marina el-Alamein in 2005, which covered the southeastern corner of the main town square. The team excavated a series of shops on one side of a street branching off to the south of the square and cleared the interior of a civic basilica located on the opposite side of this street. A passage leading off from the basilica into the bath complex behind it to the west contained a pedestal with a fragmentary marble plaque bearing a religious or honorific inscription dedicated by Titus Flavius Titianus, prefect of Egypt in AD 129. Continued explorations of Tomb 21 in the town cemetery concentrated on clearing the main burial chamber where all the open burial niches were examined. The human skeletal remains were examined by an anthropologist. The results, complemented with an examination of human remains from Tombs 29 and 30, altogether 53 burials of both sexes and varied age at death, are reported on in the appendix to the article.