Fighting in the Water. On 'Ordeals', Kinship and State in the Contendings of Horus and Seth (Papyrus Chester Beatty I)

Author: Campagno, Marcello
Further contributors: Amenta, Alessia (Editor)
Liuselli, Maria Michaela (Editor)
Sordi, Maria Novella (Editor)
Document types:Beitrag in Sammelband
Year of publication:2005
Published: 'L'Erma' di Brettschneider, Roma (2005)
Sammelband:L'Acqua nell'antico Egitto. Proceedings of the First International Conference for Young Egyptologists, Chianciano Terme, October 15-18, 2003
Subjects: WASSER -> Diverses
HORUS UND SETH -> Texte, ägyptisch
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Letzte Aktualisierung:17.07.2019
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