The Relative Chronological Position of Egyptian Predynastic and Early Dynastic Tombs with Objects Imported from the Near East and the Nature of Interregional Contacts

Authors: Hendrickx, Stan
Bavay, Laurent
Further contributors: Brink, Edwin C.M. van den (Editor)
Levy, Thomas E. (Editor)
Document types:Beitrag in Sammelband
Year of publication:2002
Published: Leicester University Press, London, New York (2002)
Sammelband:Egypt and the Levant. Interrelations from the 4th through the Early 3rd Millennium B.C.E.
Subjects: HANDEL -> Ökonomie
IMPORT -> Ökonomie
KERAMIK -> Diverses
SILBER -> Metalle
LAPISLAZULI -> Stein und Mineralien
VORGESCHICHTE -> Epochenbezeichnungen
FRÜHZEIT -> Epochenbezeichnungen
Verfügbarkeit:Lokaler Bestand vorhanden
Letzte Aktualisierung:17.02.2005
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