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Two many Butehamuns? Additional observations on their identity

This article challenges an earlier study in this journal, in which Niwinski presented evidence in favour of the existence of three necropolis-scribes called Butehamun, each being the son of a different Dhutmose. This evidence has been carefully reviewed in order to support the conclusion that only one scribe Butehamun can be attested in the ancient records; he was the son of the necropolis-scribe Dhutmose and Baketamun and the husband of Ikhtay. The difficulty associated with the chronology and succession of the necropolis-scribes during the closing years of the XXth Dynasty has also merited investigation. The paper concludes with the inclusion of a comprehensive genealogical schema of Butehamun's immediate family. His sons and successors are identified and their careers within the administration of the royal Theban necropoleis are documented. The possibility that as many as five sons of Butehamun held the office of necropolis-scribe is also raised.

Titel: Two many Butehamuns? Additional observations on their identity
Verfasser: Davies, Benedict G.
Herausgeber: Altenmüller, Hartwig
Dokumenttyp: Reihe
Erscheinungsdatum: 1997
Zeitschrift/Reihe: Studien zur Altägyptischen Kultur (SAK) ; Band/Jahrgang: 24
Verlag/Hrsg.: Buske, Helmut , Hamburg
Seiten: 49-68
Signatur: Z-SAK
Bearbeitungsstatus: vollständig
Identifier: 3.76548-171-2
Datensatznummer: 13807