A Potentially Significant Dimension Recorded on an Old Kingdom Papyrus from Saqqara

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Author: Reader, Colin
Document types:Artikel in Zeitschrift
Year of publication:2017
Journal:Journal of Ancient Egyptian Architecture (JAEA), 2
Subjects: KGL. GRABARCHITEKTUR -> Bauten im weitesten Sinn
DYN 06 -> Epochenbezeichnungen
TETI -> Könige, in- und ausländisch
PAPYRUS -> Papyrus
SAQQARA -> Ortsnamen für Orte der Antike
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Letzte Aktualisierung:10.11.2017
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An analysis of texts on a fragmentary Old Kingdom papyrus from Saqqara suggests that they record the construction of the pyramid complex of pharaoh Teti. Amongst the information obtained from the papyrus was a dimension – 441 cubits. This paper discusses the possible significance of this dimension in the context of Old Kingdom pyramid building.