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Banganarti: The 2006 Season

The excavation and clearing work at Banganarti, which proceeded in five main areas, was paralleled by a restoration program focused on converting the Upper Church into a site museum. This involved extensive cleaning and conservation, as well as building restoration activities. A number of discoveries of previously unknown murals and inscriptions were made in consequence. Specialist study programs this season included a geodetic survey of the neighborhood of Banganarti; calibration of the original Upper Church plan; aerial (kite) photography; documentation and revision of epigraphic material; iconological studies; pottery documentation and studies; anthropological and archeobotanical examination. An ethnographic survey of the site's environs, carried out by the author, brought a collection of oral testimonies on the most recent history of the region, especially the early 20th century Funj/Shaiqiya settlers.

Titel: Banganarti: The 2006 Season
Verfasser: Żurawski, Bogdan T.
Dokumenttyp: BB
Erscheinungsdatum: 2008
Zeitschrift/Reihe: Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean Reports (PAM) ; Band/Jahrgang: 18
Publikationsort: Warsaw
Seiten: 385-395
Signatur: Z-PAM
Bearbeitungsstatus: vollständig
Identifier: ISSN 1234-5415
Datensatznummer: 107488