The Solar Altar in the Hatshepsut Temple at Deir El-Bahari

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Author: Dziedzic, Teresa
Document types:Artikel in Zeitschrift
Year of publication:2013
Published:Warsaw (2013)
Reihe:Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean Reports (PAM), 22
Subjects: DEIR EL-BAHARI -> Bauten im weitesten Sinn
TEMPEL -> Bauten im weitesten Sinn
HATSCHEPSUT -> Könige, in- und ausländisch
SONNENKULT -> Religion im weitesten Sinn
ALTAR -> Bauten im weitesten Sinn
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The article reconsiders the architectural and egyptological evidence for the appearance of the Solar Altar in the Solar Cult Complex of the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari, summarized within the framework of the author’s extended architectural study of this complex carried out since 2002. The results have provided grounds for a tentative reconstruction of the Solar Altar assuming the presence of an offering table and two obelisks or just an offering table on the altar platform.