Two Burials from Cemetery A in Naqlun: archaeological and Anthropological Remarks

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Authors: Ożarek, Marzena
Dzierzbicka, Dorota
Document types:Artikel in Zeitschrift
Year of publication:2012
Published:Warsaw (2012)
Reihe:Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean Reports (PAM), 21
Subjects: NAQLUN -> Ortsnamen für Orte der Antike
NEKLONI -> Ortsnamen für Orte der Antike
ANTHROPOLOGIE -> Wissenschaftsbereiche
CHRISTLICHE ZEIT -> Epochenbezeichnungen
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Burials T.500 and T.501, constituting a part of the medieval Christian Cemetery A in Naqlun, were found in a pit dug into the monastic refuse dump on site B at the southern fringe of the monastic compound. Anthropological analysis identified two adult burials side by side, a male in a coffin, the skeleton accompanied by a number of objects, as well as a selection of dried fruit, and a female interred on a bier of palm leaf ribs. The woman’s skeletal remains showed significant pathological changes.